Washington i-502 Compliant Security Camera CCTV Sytems

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Our Process

Our job is to make the security camera side of i-502 compliance stress-free. We aim to get you compliant quickly with no guessing games. Our eight step process has been proven to result in i-502 surveillance compliance with no headaches.

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Our Guarantee

Anyone can say they guarantee something. We prove it. Our guarantee is a promise that we will do everything possible before, during and after the sale to keep you compliant and focused on your marijuana operation. Our expert staff is accountable to you.

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Installation Info

The hardest part of implementing an i-502 compliant security camera system is the design and programming. We provide all of the necessary information, renderings, wire diagrams and installation guides to make pulling the wire and mounting the camera a breeze.

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All that work getting to harvest. Dealing with mildew risks, inconsistent vendors, a pain of a licensing process and you FINALLY made it to harvest. Congrats! Don’t let some jerk walk away with it because you didn’t protect yourself during product transport.

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i502 Security Systems

Focusing on difficult security markets, CCTV Dynamics is the leader in government compliant surveillance equipment and systems design. Our systems are custom configured to match the regulation we are meeting and solving the problems of individual operators in each market. Starting out as a systems design house for security contractors and dealers, CCTV Dynamics has evolved into the leading provider of security system design and equipment for Washington State’s legal and regulated marijuana market.

Our designers know i-502 like the back of their hands, and our focus is on providing a system to applicants that is not only compliant, but meets their individual needs for its use and saves them money in the process. Some i502 operators simply want a compliant system for as little money as possible, some want a system they can use to run their business, and others simply want someone else to handle the hassle for them. In all of these cases, CCTV Dynamics excels in providing both design and systems that work as they are intended to and get them operating their business. Our focus is on getting you past inspection so you can start growing, processing or selling your product as quickly as possible. All of our systems are designed to be stackable or expandable, so you can get operating quickly and simply add on to the system as your business grows. Whether your system requires 10 cameras or 140 cameras, we can find ways to reduce the camera count, combine views and save you money.

Once your i502 business is operating, our focus is on keeping you going and providing innovative solutions to your security needs. Our WeedWatchGPS asset tracking system is built on our GPS asset tracking solution originally intended for the pharmaceutical industry. WeedWatchGPS is designed to help you keep track of your assets, trucks, cash and products when its out on the road. The most vulnerable part of your operation is when your assets are outside of your full control. When inventory is on its way to processing, to retail or when you’re going to make that cash tax payment, we provide secure tracking and realtime alerts with mobile panic buttons and unauthorized stops alerts. Our commitment to i502 operators is comprehensive. We want to be your security partner for years to come. Give us a call and lets us earn your business.

What they said about us

These guys were great to work with. I got exactly what was promised. My system was completely programmed and ready for install. Thank you Armando and Scott!</p> <p>
Joel S: Arlington, WA
CCTV Dynamics nailed it. They were the only ones who actually did what they said they would do. When the inspector saw it was one of their systems he didn’t bother to look twice at it.</p> <p>
Steve H: Spokane Valley, WA

We really do value our customers. We want each and every one of you to feel like you are our only client. We know you have the chips stacked against you going into this venture and we want to make life easier by taking the surveillance requirements off of your shoulders so you can focus on your business. Check out the testimonials above to see what a few of our customers have said about us. We are always willing to give you a few names of our existing clients so you can talk to someone who has gone through the whole process with us and has an operating i502 business.

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