We love our customers. Recently we received an email from one of our i502 applicants with some good news. He told us about his experience with his inspection. He passed with flying colors, obviously. Read for yourself… Scott, Thank you for all of your help! Working with your team was a great experience and we […] Read more

If you have you been watching the new changes to Washington’s medical marijuana laws, they will undoubtedly affect your business. If you haven’t already seen the LCCB’s, eagerness to get everyhting done NOW, you probably will, especially if you are trying to get your grow license approved. After waiting weeks and often months of complacency, […] Read more

Liquor and Cannabis Board and Suquamish Tribe Sign Marijuana Compact Historic agreement is nation’s first OLYMPIA – The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (Board) and the Suquamish Tribe today signed the nation’s first state-tribal marijuana compact. The compact governs the production, processing, purchase and sale of marijuana on the Tribe’s land. The agreement was […] Read more

Selecting an i502 Surveillance Company If you have recently applied for an i502 Grow or retail license, you probably have figured out, that one of your top expenses will be for your W.S.L.C.B. required surveillance system. You will also, quickly realize, that even though surveillance is required by the State, it also will serve as your […] Read more

Washington State Liquor Control Board has issued 67 warnings and penalties, including a temporary license suspension and a large fine to one i-502 operator. The reasons varied, but the second most common warning was for surveillance and security requirements that were not up to the requirements, even after license approval. It is unclear if these […] Read more

The original version released October 2014 can be found here, on page 9. OTS-6612_2Final.pdf VERBATIM WAC 314-55-083 What are the security requirements for a marijua­na licensee? The security requirements for a marijuana licensee are as follows: (3) Surveillance system. At a minimum, a licensed premises must have a complete video surveillance system with minimum camera […] Read more

As Featured in Marijuana Venture Magazine When it comes to i-502 security systems, we have all been focused on compliance. In traditional environments, a business owner may choose to install a security camera system or an alarm system for a myriad of reasons. Unfortunately, once its realized exactly how many cameras are required to be compliant with […] Read more

This Article was written by Armando Perez of CCTV Dynamics and was first published in Marijuana Venture Magazine. In our last installment, we explored the risks and benefits of choosing certain types of security cameras. A choice that was afforded by a murky and ill-defined section of i-502 (WAC314-55-083), allowed for multiple interpretations of the same rule. […] Read more