If you have you been watching the new changes to Washington’s medical marijuana laws, they will undoubtedly affect your business. If you haven’t already seen the LCCB’s, eagerness to get everyhting done NOW, you probably will, especially if you are trying to get your grow license approved. After waiting weeks and often months of complacency, many growers are being asked to “fast forward” to let the LCCB accommodate the Medical arena. The reason being, medical dispensaries must apply for a license to operate legally, and certain dispensaries will get priority. Even though they have not specified the exact amount of licenses to be issued, they have estimated that they expect upwards of 800 marijuana dispensaries to apply and that they will be approving approximately half on a merit-based system. The bottom line is, as far as we know, the LCCB has not added any more inspectors to carry the load, so, logically once this ball starts rolling, there will be a significant back log. That means your approval for licensing could hang in the balance. It might be a good idea to complete your construction, (yes, including purchasing your i502 compliant surveillance system) sooner rather than later, so when your turn to “fast forward” comes you will be ready, and not lost in the mire.

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