Our Guarantee

Our Unmatched Compliance Guarantee

Lots of companies say they guarantee compliance. But none of them tell you how they guarantee it. Some guarantee that the equipment meets specification requirements, but say nothing about their crude “system designs.” CCTVDynamics does nothing but design and build custom surveillance systems for the legal marijuana industry. We know the law, we know the process, we know the people and we prove it by standing behind our products and providing the absolute best service we can to i502 applicants and licensees. Our background in systems design for some of the major systems integrators means we have the experience to design a system around the most complicated properties and requirements, but we also had to learn how to make them so simple they could be installed by practically anyone.

Our unmatched i502 surveillance compliance guarantee, plain and simple:

If you install your system according to our design and camera image renderings, CCTVDynamics guarantees that:

  • You will pass your inspection on the first try or all requested changes and equipment are free.
  • Your camera system design will be compliant or we will make any changes needed for free.
  • Your system will record for 45 days or we will ship you free hard drives until it does.
  • Your system will be fully configured for your operation and run atleast 24 hours before it ships.
  • Your system will include a free onsite replacement camera just in case something goes wrong during or after the inspection.
  • If any equipment that fails within 3 years it will be replaced with a preprogrammed replacement part.

Now, those are the commitments behind our guarantee. Design and equipment are covered. Now, what about our commitment to you? Well, We do make some promises on top of our guarantee.

Our Promise to You:

We promise to push the limits to save you money, while not risking your compliance.
We promise to listen and use what we learn to make your life easier.
We promise to make things right as quickly as possible should things ever “go wrong.”
We promise that our commitment to customer service is not LIP service.
We promise to treat you like our only customer.

If you havent experienced what its like to have a vendor give a crap about your goals and your operation, then I personally invite you to give us a call. 1-800-287-2817

Armando Perez
President and General Manager
CCTV Dynamics.

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