Can I really install an i-502 compliant surveillance system on my own?

installing-i502-systemsThe short answer is YES. Not only can you do it, but armed with our custom system design and all of our documentation custom made for you property, you can be assured it will pass inspection too. There are multiple options on installing one of our surveillance systems. Just because you are trying to comply with Washington’s complicated i502 regulations doesn’t mean you can’t save money and have it done right.

Lets get some basics out of the way. The most complicated part of a surveillance system, especially IP based systems is the configuration and programming of the NVR. Most security companies charge between $90-$105 per hour for system installation, which includes this programming time. Since we do all the programming for you and guarantee that you will pass the inspection, there is no need to pay upwards of $100/hr. Our programming costs are a few bucks per camera, multiple times cheaper than paying the $100/hr rate for someone to do it on-site. Add in the fact that most companies will hike their labor rate and product markups as soon as you tell them that you are an i502 applicant, and the scales really tip in favor of using one of our systems.

The options for installing one of our systems:

Do It Yourself

Most i502 applicants have a small group of people they trust with building out the property before the inspection. This same group of people can complete a camera installation. With our resources, it is simply pulling wire and mounting cameras where we show you. Aim them to match our design renderings and you’re done. This is by far the most economical way to implement one of our systems, but it does take some elbow grease. We generally reccomend two people to make pulling wire easier, but we have some tier 1 and 2 systems installed successfully by a single owner/operator.

Hire Someone to follow our plans

Another option for implementing one of our compliant surveillance systems is to hire a couple of people to install it. There are many unemployed people out there who work hard and can follow instructions well. Our documentation makes it a very simple process, and with our camera renderings, its actually hard to get it wrong. It doesnt need to be skilled labor, remember, the hard part, programming and configuration, is already done.

Ask the guy installing your lights or fence to help get it done

installing-i502-systems2This sounds silly, but if they are already there, they will usually give you a better rate if you ask them to add on more work. Your electrician will have no problem installing this system, and the guy installing your fence is already working in the same area where a good chunk of your wiring will go, on the fence. This option will usually be a little more expensive than the two above, but, generally speaking, electricians know wiring pretty darn well. So you can expect it to turn out right without much trouble. It will still be cheaper than having a security company install the system 9 times out of 10.

Have your system designer send you one of our install partners

We have high standards for anything we put our name on, so we don’t have a whole bunch of install partners, but we do have a few. This will be the more expensive option, but it will be the most convenient. To avoid inundating them with quotes, we do not give out partner information until your system is fully designed and you have purchased your system. The partner will take a look at your design and submit a quote upon request.

The documentation you get:

By the time you purchase your system we have gone through atleast two or three revisions of the design to find the most efficient way to get your property compliant. During this process we build out your entire property in our 3D CAD based camera system design software. Even though we have never stepped foot on your property, we have spent hours looking it over and checking it out on google maps and trying different camera placements. We are intimately familiar with your property by the time your camera system ships. With your system, you get the following documentation:

  • Network map showing how your specific camera network is laid out
  • Camera map showing exactly where each camera and switch or power supply is to be placed
  • Build sheet showing the IP address, resolution, lens, mounting height and any notes for each camera
  • Build sheet showing how each camera is mapped to which hard drive to get you 45 days of recording
  • 3D Renderings of each and every camera angle you are going to install
  • Certificate of compliance guarantee showing your designers name, the final version number of your design and the date of the design compliance guarantee.

The cameras are marked with their camera number corresponding to all of your documentation. We keep a copy of all this documentation so that if there is ever any remote programming needed or any replacement parts, we can send you a completely preprogrammed plug and play replacement.

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