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Use our free camera system design services to ensure compliance with i502 section WAC 314-55-083

The security regulations within Washington State’s i502 regulations are no joke. A mis-step in the design of your security system can be the difference between a license approval and a denial, and can lead to months of headaches in the review process.

Do you want to be sitting around with a headache or do you want to be running your business?

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CCTV Dynamics will finance your i-502 compliant security camera system.

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i502 requirements

    There are many requirements that need to be addressed within WAC 314-55-083, and they fall into three categories:

  • CCTV Equipment Requirements
  • CCTV Configuration Requirements
  • CCTV Installation Requirements

We have spent the time to study the i-502 regulations, specifically WAC 314-55-083, concerning security cameras for legal marijuana retailers and growers and we have system design standards in place to ensure that any system purchased from CCTVDynamics for a marijuana retailing, grow or processing business in Washington State will comply with i502, if it is installed to our specifications.Use our expertise to save headaches, and use your muscle to save money. We are THE published source for i-502 security compliance.

This means that i502 retailers and growers are not stuck buying a system implemented by a local security integrator. You can talk to us and with proper documentation we can design, build, configure and deliver a custom security camera system that meets or exceeds i502 regulations while allowing you to install the system yourself. Because we do full 3D Renderings as part of our design, you know ahead of time exactly what you will be seeing through your cameras, the field of view and the lens settings so you can be sure that what you install matches our design exactly.

Our system design service is also crucial to receiving the final approval from Washington State and shows you have performed your due diligence. We have run into situations where the applicants don’t even know how much land they will be approved for and are still being asked to show security compliance documentation in order to continue to the next step of licensing.

Call us BEFORE your review, and we will Guarantee our camera system design will be i-502 compliant!

We handle the equipment requirements and configuration requirements, and we provide you with all the needed diagrams, drawings and lifetime tech support to ensure your installation meets the strong>installation requirements. You dont have to worry about what i502 and WAC 314-55-083 says about security cameras, let us do that. Let us preprogram your security camera recorder and cameras and do the calculations to ensure you get 45 days of recording and ensure compliance. Our design includes everything from lens settings to camera mounting heights and cable lengths.

What do we need to design you an i502 compliant surveillance system?

  • We will need a building layout that is to scale with a single measured line. This can be a PDF file or a picture file. (We also handle design for outdoor grow operations)
  • We will need the address of the building or agricultural space that is to be compliant.
  • Thats it!

Reach out to one of our security design team members and we will have you email these files.

Within 2 business days we will have a system designed and specified that meets or exceeds i502 requirements along with a quote and a full site drawing showing camera angles and install locations, lens settings and anticipated views rendered in 3D.

When you receive your system, it will be pre-configured to comply with all i502 requirements. All you will need to do is pull the wire and install it according to the design files we send you.

Our i502 compliance system design is FREE when you buy your system from us!
And if you don’t buy it from us?
-$250 for retail operations and indoor grow operations
-$450 for outdoor grow operations
(both are refundable upon system purchase)

As always, all HD equipment from CCTVDynamics comes with a three year warranty.

We are also the only security camera provider offering in-house financing to i-502 businesses.

Call us today and let us help you get your store or grow operation compliant and operating.

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What will it cost?

The cost of systems varies greatly, but when you use our services, you are eliminating much of the overhead associated with buying a camera system. There is no need to pay for expertise because we design a system for you and your property based on the Washington State Liquor Board’s requirements for Marijuana retailers and grow operations using our 50+ years of CCTV industry experience.

It’s not cheap to be compliant, but you can generally count on about a 30-40% savings when you buy from us. Most retail operations will need between 12 and 20 cameras, going with an HD system assures that you meet any future changes to the resolution requirements, and also reduces the number of cameras required by providing higher pixel density over a much wider viewing area on each individual camera.

This however, means you will need larger amounts of storage space, which our systems are designed to handle. Grow operations can require upwards of 40 cameras to maintain compliance, and this can get extremely pricey. We build custom wireless mesh and bridge networks for these applications that limit trenching and cable expense which can quickly add up when using outdoor direct burial rated security camera cabling.

We also explore other technology options that may save in equipment costs and still allow for compliance with the WAC 314-55-083 section of i502. When we design a system for your retail store or grow operation we not only design it, but when you buy it we configure the system to ensure compliance as well as test each aspect of the system, each cable and wireless bridge to ensure it all works and can be installed in a turnkey manner by a novice simply by following our site diagrams and 3D renderings.


On average you will save about 30% when you have us design a system for you and you will gain all system design documentation ensuring that you can prove compliance should it ever be questioned.

Design services for i502 compliance are free if the system is purchased from CCTVDynamics.com. We do charge a $250 or $450 design fee, which is automatically applied to the purchase of the system. If you decide not to purchase the system from CCTVDynamics, you will still own the design files and specifications and can use them to design your own system or compare to other potential vendors if you wish. Our turnaround time on system designs is usually one to two business days, though we can sometimes deliver more quickly. Each system is designed by one of our security industry veterans and triple checked for compliance, cable lengths and estimated recording times. Once approved, we can usually ship systems out, custom configured within 24 hours.

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