Restaurant Cash Register Integration

Cash registers are a key target for theft or fraud. You should place a high-resolution CCTV camera at your cash register(s), so you can keep track of all money and credit card transactions. Video surveillance can alert you if employees are skimming money off the top or using customer credit card numbers to enter fake sales in order to pocket the cash. Video can also provide you with the evidence to contact the police. When installing security cameras at cash registers, you should determine if you want a wide-angle view to monitor all actions around the cash register, or if you want a narrow view so you can see the denomination of the bills. Or, you may decide to install both a wide-angle dome camera and a high-resolution CCTV CCD box camera for added protection.

Another option is to integrate Point of Sale (POS) and video surveillance systems for added loss prevention. A POS interface will tie your cash register transactions to your video by overlaying the text from each receipt onto the video. You will see the date, time, items ordered, the price of each item, and the total amount. This integration allows you see the employee who rung up the order and what exactly was keyed in. You will be able to see if anything was overcharged, undercharged, or not charged at all, so you can take the appropriate action with your employees. POS integration with your video also helps to deter employee theft since your employees will know that they are accountable for what they are ringing up on your cash registers.

Video Surveillance for Restaurants: Camera Location Is Important in Stopping Crime

Restaurants can literally be a “hot spot” for crime. Thieves can rob your fast-food restaurant, especially late at night when you have minimal staff on hand. Customers may walk out the door of your fine dining establishment without paying the bill or stealing the tableware.

However, it is your employees that you may need to watch out for the most. Statistics report that 75% to 85% of all restaurant theft is committed by employees, accounting for up to $6 million in loss from U.S. restaurants.

By installing an indoor/outdoor security camera system at your restaurant, you can protect your employees and customers, catch thieves, and possibly deter crime. But, more importantly, you can increase your employees’ and customers’

confidence that you are providing them with a safe working/dining environment.

see our article on security camera placement tips for restaurant owners for more information.

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