My video is blurry!

-Check the focus of your security camera lens. For fixed lens dome cameras, unscrew the dome and gently twist the lens. For cameras with a varifocal lens, first adjust the zoom level by twisting the outer adjustment setting of the lens and lock it down. Then next adjust the inner adjustment until it start to become clear. Slowly continue to adjust the setting until the surveillance image is crystal clear. Lock it down and then re-install the dome cover or any other housing if needed. If your camera has a manual iris adjustment, you will need to adjust that setting as well. We reccomend adjusting manual iris settings around dusk.

-Clean the camera lens with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol

-If your recording resolution is 640×480 (D1), you may see a “blur” when there is motion; this is normal (and unavoidable) for a video signal. Try reducing the resolution to 640×240 (Half D1, or 2CIF) or lower (CIF).

For “doubled” video or ghosting:

-Check that the video cable is not coiled in a large number of loops; loops can cause a type of feedback noise, as well as cause other noise issues

For ghosting from another video source, i.e., another image appears in the one you are looking at:

-Check grounding

-Move the affected video inputs on the back of the DVR to another location

-If the two affected inputs have their cables running near each other for a long distance, try to separating them.


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