Washington State Liquor Control Board has issued 67 warnings and penalties, including a temporary license suspension and a large fine to one i-502 operator. The reasons varied, but the second most common warning was for surveillance and security requirements that were not up to the requirements, even after license approval. It is unclear if these warnings and penalties were all in October of if this is a to-date tally of the penalties. More information can be found by clicking the link below to MMJ Business Daily.


Its a harsh reminder that a violation of i-502 regulations can cripple your business and that just because you have passed inspection does not mean they cannot ding you, fine you or shut you down. With the security component of the regulation being as big a part of the regulations as it is and the ongoing confusion regarding that part of the regulation, even among the LCB itself, it is wise to continually make sure you are in compliance by choosing a surveillance and security partner wisely.

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