These instructions are for the SNIPER DVR series, though you may find them useful for many other security recorder models.

1) Note that this system will require the PTZ adapter; note which 9-pin connector (COM port) you use. If there is only one, then it is COM 1.

2) In the SNIPER DVR software, click Control in the lower right.

3) Click Setup.

4) Click Device at the top.

5) Double-click Camera on the left.

6) Choose the appropriate camera on the left.

7) Check the PTZ checkbox at the bottom.

8) Choose Pelco D (Pattern) for the manufacturer/protocol (unless you set the camera for something else).

9) Choose ID 1 (or whatever ID you have set the camera for; note that each PTZ must have a unique ID number, usually on a sticker on the camera; see camera documentation).

10) Click the Serial Port button.

11) Choose Com 1 (or whichever port the PTZ adapter is using).

12) Choose 2400 baud (unless you set the camera for a different baud rate)

13) Click OK

14) Click OK again.

Highlight the PTZ camera that you want to control pan, tilt and zoom with. Control the camera by clicking the arrows around the Auto button. Add preset locations by clicking the Preset button. To Scan: Click Control in the lower right. Position the camera at the starting position. Right-click on the video window, click Advanced, and click “Set Start Point.” Repeat the process for the end point. Click “Run Pattern” to start the scan. v1.0

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