It is late at night and you are home alone watching TV, when a noise in the back yard frightens you. You peek out a window, but it is too dark to see anything. What do you do next? If you had a nightvision security camera installed overlooking your patio door and backyard, you could see if it is just the neighbor’s dog or a possible intruder.

A home security system can give you peace of mind, day or night, and help you to protect your property from criminals. However, proper placement of the security cameras is crucial to ensure you, and your home, have maximum protection.

Identify Entrance Points and Other Locations for Security Cameras

Before buying anything, you should conduct a survey around the exterior of your house to determine the best location for each CCTV camera and draw up an installation and placement plan. Look at your property through the eyes of a criminal – considering areas of easy access or items that thieves might want to steal, such as computer systems, TVs, sound systems, vehicles, and sports or lawn equipment.

Areas you should consider for exterior camera placement include:

  • Entrance points – If nothing else, cameras should be placed at each entry door to your home. This includes front doors, back doors, second-floor entry doors, and basement doors. Garage doors are a particularly vulnerable area, especially if the garage door is open while you happen to be in the house or the backyard. Thieves can quickly run into the garage and walk off with a bike, weed eater, or power tools.
  • Windows – If electronics and other valuables are visible from windows in your home, these windows can provide an easy access point for burglars to break in and steal these items. Also, any windows with bushes or small trees directly in front of the window allow thieves to stay hidden while they get into your home. Basement window wells also provide an excellent hiding place for burglars to gain access to your house.
  • Backyard – A fenced-in backyard can provide cover for intruders so they can sneak into your home without being seen easily. If your backyard has a detached garage, storage shed, barn, or other outbuildings containing items of value, you should consider installing additional exterior cameras there as well. Besides stealing items from these buildings, a criminal could use them as a hiding place while monitoring your home to see if you are there.
  • Driveways, parking areas, and/or entry gates – Security cameras enable you to see who is at your gate before you allow them entry or not. Or, if you don’t have an entry gate, CCTV cameras let you see who is driving up to your home, or away from it if you suspect a burglar is getting away.
  • Home heating oil tanks or gas tanks – With the price of oil going up, gas and oil tanks can be potential targets for thieves.
  • Heating and cooling systems – HVAC systems contain valuable copper tubing which burglars can sell for quick cash.
  • Swimming pools and pool houses – Security cameras permit you to watch your swimming pool for unauthorized access by neighborhood kids and may potentially prevent any drowning accidents from occurring.
  • Any other area that cannot be seen by neighbors or from a public area – making it possible for intruders to break into your home unobserved.

Determine the Camera Type and Coverage Needed

Once you have surveyed the exterior of your home, you will need to decide the type of camera required (e.g., bullet cameras, motion detection cameras, nightvision/infrared cameras) and the viewing angle (e.g., up close, panoramic, distance) for each location to ensure the best positioning of each camera for effective protection. Additionally, you should figure out if you will need any added lighting in each location for sharp, clear viewing – since the available lighting can also determine the type of camera required.

Plus if you want to have a record of all the exterior activities around your house, you will need to incorporate a DVR in your surveillance system. A DVR recording can be useful when law enforcement officials need to identify and convict any intruders you may have had on your property.

Your Family’s Safety is Essential

While things can be replaced, your family cannot. Therefore, their protection and peace of mind are of utmost importance. An exterior surveillance system installed at your home can be one of the best deterrents to crime. CCTV Dynamics offers high quality, professional CCTV video equipment – from complete surveillance system packages, including everything you need for a whole home installation, to individual components that can supplement what you may already have. Plus, all of our products are covered by a warranty that is the best in the business. So check out our products today and start planning your home’s security system.

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