This article explains step by step how to save video from your SCOUT H.264 DVR system and play it back on any computer. 5.6.3 Video Backup For The SCOUT H.264 Security DVR System applies to 4 channel, 8 channel and 16 channel Scout DVRs From the main screen on your SCOUT DVR system, right-click to […] Read more

Let’s start this with a simple definition. Sense-Up: An image processing technology which allows user selectable digital slow shutter speeds in order to allow extra light into a camera thereby providing higher sensitivity in low light conditions. Also referred to as “sens-up”,” sensup”, “senseup”, “DSS”, and “digital slow shutter”. If you are a CCTV or […] Read more

Many homeowners install an exterior CCTV surveillance system for the increased security of their homes and the added peace of mind for their families. However, installing an exterior video security system provides parents with the additional advantage of monitoring their teenagers’ activities and safety, especially when parents are not at home. Often parents worry about […] Read more

At some point in their lives, most people have turned on their local news and seen surveillance camera footage of an armed robber holding up a gas station or convenience store. Often these criminals may kill or inflict serious injuries on the station/store employees and customers. Gas stations and convenience stores can be easy targets […] Read more

Nowadays, video surveillance is quite common as a way to protect your customers and property. Like other technology-driven industries, the CCTV industry has seen significant advancements in technology over the past three decades due to market demands. Today’s businesses want security products that:Are reliable. Are simpler to install. Provide better image quality. Have a larger […] Read more

Maybe you’ve seen the video footage online – people reaching through a fast-food restaurant drive-through window and stealing the cash register drawer, assaulting employees, or destroying property. Unfortunately, we live in a world where these incidents can happen. As a restaurant owner, it’s essential that you provide for the safety of your employees and protect […] Read more