NOTE: This article was written before the April revisions to i-502’s security requirements and was published 3 days before those changes were made. For more information on those changes, please see HERE. Ensuring surveillance compliance – Hardware The security camera requirements within i-502 are a mess. I have compiled some simple guidelines to help ensure compliance […] Read more

One of the easiest ways to get in trouble when designing your i-502 camera system is not paying close enough attention to what is needed to achieve 45 days of constant recording. Most camera systems sold are configured for motion detection or triggered recording. The i502 regulations for Washington State, though, require constant 24 hour […] Read more

Outdoor Grow Mistake #1 Not Providing enough resolution to meet the quality requirements on perimeter shots. When we design a system for an i502 outdoor grow operation we know that there must be a 20 foot perimeter of covered area where clear and certain identification is required. We also know the resolution standard. The third […] Read more

For most people, the idea of cutting holes into their house is downright scary. This fear is easily overcome when we look at the advantages of installing your own home security video system alongside the massive cost savings of doing it yourself. With this Home CCTV Installation Guide, you can rest assured you will be […] Read more

How to set up your SNIPER DVR for audio surveillance 1) Assemble and power the microphone kit (sold separately) as per instructions. 2) Plug the speakers into the green audio jack on the back of the PC. Make sure they are powered and on. 3) Plug the microphone audio connector into a white RCA connector […] Read more