Outdoor Grow Mistake #1
Not Providing enough resolution to meet the quality requirements on perimeter shots.
When we design a system for an i502 outdoor grow operation we know that there must be a 20 foot perimeter of covered area where clear and certain identification is required. We also know the resolution standard. The third part that is often forgotten is that just because the resolution requirement is there, it does not mean that the clear and certain identification requirement will be automatically fulfilled.

How do we solve this problem? We use our software, a 3D CAD system built specifically for security camera systems, and we use fence length, the 20 foot perimeter, and property layout to calculate the right quality rating in pixels per foot and generate the most efficient camera angles, lens settings and mounting height for each individual camera. This means the design may have far fewer cameras running at resolutions much higher than the minimum. It actually saves money because increasing quality isnt as expensive as adding cameras is wasteful. Learn more about our process for securing i-502 operations here.


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