One of the easiest ways to get in trouble when designing your i-502 camera system is not paying close enough attention to what is needed to achieve 45 days of constant recording.

Most camera systems sold are configured for motion detection or triggered recording. The i502 regulations for Washington State, though, require constant 24 hour recording. They also require clear video and not stop-motion individual frames. So, this means that at an ABSOLUTE minimum, 7.5 frames per second must be recorded on each and every camera 24 hours a day. This requirement is not easy to wrap your head around when designing the system, which is why we design our systems using software designed for that purpose. We calculate individual bitrates for each camera, and when we ship a system, we configure each camera to conform to those settings. We further overbuild the storage capacity of the system, and ensure that no system leaves our building maxed out.

IF we calculate that 12 Terabytes are required, we will ship a 15 terabyte system, and leave enough room for an additional 9 Terabytes, just in case your operation grows (pardon the pun) or for some reason our calculations are off.


The single most common mistake for i-502 producers especially, because they require so many cameras, is not properly calculating the storage requirements. Most NVRs and DVRs simply do not have the capabilities to record constantly for 45 days, there simply arent enough hard drive bays, and there are certainly not any consumer grade systems that can pull it off. Our systems can accommodate up to 8 x 4TB drives. (32 terabytes per machine!) If for some reason 32 Terabytes is not enough, those systems also support external storage in a drive array allowing for ANOTHER 32 Terabytes… all of it fully tested, configured and confirmed before it ships.

When you factor in the risk of being caught with a non-compliant system… Warnings, Delays in final approval, license cancellation or inventory confiscation, it makes no sense to risk non-compliance for a few hundred dollars. Remember, we finance up to half of the security camera system for compliant i-502 marijuana producers, processors and retailers, and we GUARANTEE 45 days of recording.

To read about other common mistakes when designing a security camera system for an i-502 business, click here.

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