CCTV Dynamics has always been a behind the scenes type of company. We have done comprehensive system designs for very large security dealers while we operate a web-store selling direct to the public. The company dates back to 1999 and has been a part of an Inc-500 company and sold both wholesale equipment and retail equipment, but it really found its stride in providing full service CCTV systems design for picky clients, whether they be installing dealers or commercial end-users. This all happened organically over the last several years.

In late 2013, I was approached by someone from Washington State to design a system. He was very coy about what it was for, but he had some requirements that I found odd, and couldnt give me more information. Very discreet, and would only say that they had rules to follow and that they would be housing very expensive “stuff” in this little building on Francis St, originally he wouldnt even give me his email address! He eventually sent me a building layout and I got started on designing this system for him. His email address gave him away, and he pointed me to what we now specialize in, the I-502 security camera requirements. We redesigned the whole thing, and discussed how terribly vague the regulations were. That design passed inspection, one of the very first production/processing plants to do so, and it was done with analog cameras before WSLCB cleared up the regulations and before we re-read them 1000 times. Thats the building renderings you find on our I502 system designs page.

Since then I have made many friends in the industry, I’ve been published several times in Marijuana Venture and made a trip out to meet several of our customers in and around Spokane, and I’m planning on being back within the next 60 days, then again in February for CannaCon. We have saved I-502 businesses tens of thousands of dollars and we have solidified life-long relationships with producers, processors and retailers. We’ve hooked up some of our less experienced customers with experienced growers to consult, we have found solutions for HVAC and building design and we have become a trusted partner to over 20 I-502 operators.

Along the way, we have created business policies that best serve the I-502 community. We want them to succeed and we want them to grow and we want this to spread.  I am a Libertarian, a big believer in personal freedoms and I see I-502 not as an ideal, but as a stepping stone. So anything we can do to help this succeed is a good thing in my book, even if it IS riddled with unneeded complication. We are still the only I502 security provider that offers in-house financing, and along with that, we actually provide an on-site camera for contingency purposes. If one goes down, if the inspector needs one more angle, etc, you’ve got it on site for free. Our three year warranty is standard with all I502 systems and comes with an advanced replacement policy. We ship your replacement product the same day you tell us its broken along with a return label for the bad part. Lifetime Tech Support. We guarantee 45 days of recording and we guarantee compliance with our design and equipment. Nobody else does this and nobody else in the security industry is willing to stand with I-502 operators and share the risk like we do.

Others may talk a big game and make claims and throw insulting names around without knowing who they are talking about, we will keep focusing on being the best at what we do. We solve problems for I-502 businesses and guarantee the results. On my last trip to Spokane 10 of our customers got free on-site help. They didn’t need it, they didnt pay for it, but thats the kind of thing we do.

So thats how we got started with I-502, we migrated from other highly regulated industries, working with professional installers and demanding clients to build surveillance systems that meet stringent requirements. Meeting stringent requirements is about guaranteeing performance, not seeing what you can get away with. Where are we going from here? Oregon, maybe Maine… eventually hopefully our “backyard”, Indiana. Wherever liberty is knocking on the door we will be looking to secure its progress. Hopefully in the future we wont be dealing with horribly written over-reaching regulations and overly complicated hooplah.

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