Selecting an i502 Surveillance Company

i502 surveillance camera rendering vs actual image

If you have recently applied for an i502 Grow or retail license, you probably have figured out, that one of your top expenses will be for your W.S.L.C.B. required surveillance system. You will also, quickly realize, that even though surveillance is required by the State, it also will serve as your asset protection system as well. So don’t cut corners. The State guidelines can be tricky, and hard to understand. Also, because i502 is a relatively new field, there are a few companies that jumped on the bandwagon to make some fast cash. Stay away from these companies. It doesn’t mean they are bad companies. They are probably really good at what they do, whether it be residential, or commercial security. But, it doesn’t mean they know i502. You can buy cameras, and recorders anywhere, in a large spectrum of pricing. Again, it doesn’t mean it will meet i502 requirements, or be working this time next year, which means possible fines and loss of revenue. Be very careful who designs and sells your system.

CCTV Dynamics prides itself on quality, and customer satisfaction. Nearly half of all of our i502 customers came to us as either a referral from another satisfied grower or retailer, or a repeat customer. That speaks volumes. So why chose CCTV Dynamics? Its simple;

  1. Every system is custom designed specifically for you. Not some cookie cutter D.I.Y. Setup.
  2. We provide a written compliance guarantee on all of our systems. None of our 70+ clients have ever been in violation of i502 surveillance compliance.
  3. We also offer a very specific warranty that covers everything with advanced replacement. We send you a true plug and play system, with the best components, including a Platinum EZRJ tool and connectors, Belden Compression connectors, (not “bush league” twist on connectors).
  4. Finally, what happens after the sale if you ever have a problem? Well, that’s where we shine! We offer, at no additional cost to you, one on one  support that is not just professional, but i502 specific. i502 is the only thing we do, its not just one of the things we do, so we have to know it better than anyone else.
  5. We have seen, every one of our growers have a budget to work within, but we refuse to cut corners on design or quality. If you were ever to fail an inspection, for any reason, we will ship you the required components at no cost to you until the inspector is happy. So, far, we haven’t had that challenge, because we do it right.

Call me today for your FREE design, and I believe you will see why so many other successful growers and retailers have been able to successfully grow their business with CCTV Dynamics.

Scott Phillips

i502 Specialist

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