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How to set up your SNIPER DVR for audio surveillance 1) Assemble and power the microphone kit (sold separately) as per instructions. 2) Plug the speakers into the green audio jack on the back of the PC. Make sure they are powered and on. 3) Plug the microphone audio connector into a white RCA connector […] Read more

How To Maximize Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Usage On Your Video Surveillance System Most customers will ask how to extend the recording time of their system. These tips can help: 1) Determine your current record time. Allow the system to run until the hard disk drive (HDD) is at 100% capacity. Once full, check to […] Read more

Using Security Cameras for Home Protection By: Jerry Tarrer Crime continues to rise not just in a physical sense but also in the world of white-collar business.Security cameras have become a worthy ally to many in the detection and prevention of crime. A simple observation of the city will tell you security cameras are everywhere […] Read more

This article explains step by step how to save video from your SCOUT H.264 DVR system and play it back on any computer. 5.6.3 Video Backup For The SCOUT H.264 Security DVR System applies to 4 channel, 8 channel and 16 channel Scout DVRs From the main screen on your SCOUT DVR system, right-click to […] Read more

Security cameras come in several different types and styles with features and specs that can be overwhelming for someone who doesnt hold an electronics engineering degree. When looking at the various cctv security cameras for sale its important to know what you are looking for to complete your cctv camera system properly. We will go […] Read more