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So what makes CCTV Dynamics different?

The main difference is we’ve actually installed the equipment we sell online. Our sister company, Hoosier Security, continues to install this exact equipment every day.Consider it field testing, if you will. It means we understand the equipment and how it goes in, how to set it up for the real world and that really helps us provide pretty stellar tech support.

When you buy from CCTV Dynamics, you’re buying from security experts who truly understand i502 requirements, not spec-sheet junkies.

We dont sell widgets, we only sell professional-grade security equipment, and we ONLY sell it to the legal marijuana industry. The company was founded in 2009, but has served the legal marijuana producers market exclusively since late 2013. Our warranty is the best in the industry, with all products carrying an industry-best THREE YEAR warranty.

The second difference is our commitment to your compliance, on the first shot. Plain and simple, our goal is not only to sell you a camera system, but to get you compliant so quickly and so easily that you also buy your second and third systems from us. Yes, we know that most i502 applicants have additional future licenses in their back pockets.

i502 Specific Equipment

Our hardware is specifically chosen for some of its key specifications. Our recorders hold a MINIMUM of 32TB per machine. Our cameras and recorders are built using custom firmware written specifically for i502 requirements. Its not easy to get 45 days out of a system running as many cameras as we sometimes have to run to meet the requirements. We do this by using custom firmware designed to actively minimize file sizes. We’re also sticklers for the details.

All of our systems use surveillance rated hard drives and sealed cameras that are easily adjustable. We will always provide multiple quotes, at a minimum we will give you both analog and IP options. Both will be guaranteed to comply with the i502 requirements as they stand on that day. Its not up to us to decide which option you want to take. It is however our responsibility to ensure that whichever option you choose, you are 100% compliant.

Meet your Designer

You will work with one person who will become intimately familiar with your i502 operation and goals as they design your solution.


Initial System Design

Using your property layout as the basis your designer will build a virtual version of your property and camera system.


Finalize Design

After adjusting the design and discussing the requirements again, your designer will finalize the design and give you a quote.



Your designer will compose a build-sheet with all the details of your system, and our production department will build your system to those exact standards while your designer is uploading your final design files for you to reference during installation.




Your system will run for 24 hours, all math will be confirmed, placement finalized and hard drive space adjusted if needed.



Your system will then ship via UPS, fully insured, on our dime.


Remote Tweaking

Once you have installed your system, we will log in remotely and make any final adjustments to ensure your inspector will be wowed by your setup.


Availability During Your Inspection

If you tell us when your inspection will be, we will be available for you to answer any questions or make any changes to your system while your inspector is on site.


When we give you a quote you can expect it to be a complete packages designed for a hassle free installation, and instant i502 surveillance compliance. Our packages include everything you need to install your surveillance system from scratch. Our complete packages are available with 16 Channel, 32 Channel, 64 Channel and 128 channel recorders. All of our DVR and NVR recording systems are built using only 4TB (4000gigabyte) surveillance rated hard drives with enough space to guarantee 45 days of continuous recording. Everything from lockboxes to PoE switches and power supplies, cable, connectors and tools are included in our packages. We do not include monitors and battery backups by default simply because they are usually cheaper to buy locally and we do like saving you money. We also offer everything needed for a surveillance system installation including CCTV accessories, CCTV tools, CCTV Cable, CCTV Lenses, CCTV power supplies and CCTV Connectors.

Security Cameras

CCTV Dynamics is the leading online supplier of professional quality complete security camera packages, security cameras, digital video recorder systems (DVRs), network video recorder systems (NVRs) and accessories for onsite and remote video monitoring and life safety devices.

Our surveillance systems and CCTV camera accessories provide complete end to end security for commercial, industrial, government and residential users by protecting them against theft, vandalism, property crimes, employee theft, liability issues and by providing evidence in cases of burglary, break ins and even help increase employee productivity. CCTV Dynamics security cameras also help you monitor your home or business 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our CCTV cameras have been installed in schools, offices, hotels and motels, retail stores, restaurants, parking lots, parking garages, government buildings, banks and credit unions, police stations, interrogation rooms, day care centers, hospitals, stables, semi trailers, warehouses and more.

Our security systems all offer remote viewing and internet functionality for instant monitoring wherever you may be. Some of our systems also offer cell phone or Iphone remote viewing for the ultimate in on the go monitoring. CCTV Dynamics offers professional systems that keep a reliable constant eye on your home or business ensuring you dont miss a thing. Our CCTV cameras offer features like:

  • FREE Lifetime Technical Support
  • NightVision – See in Total Darkness
  • Weatherproof Housings – Install Cameras Anywhere
  • POS Integration – See and search what’s being rung up on your register on the camera screen
  • Audio Surveillance – Hear exactly what’s being said
  • Varifocal Lenses – Set the field of view to your liking
  • Pre-made cables or make your own with our installation tools
  • 90-day Money Back Guarantee

Our Staff

The CCTV Dynamics staff is fully trained in the design and installation of CCTV surveillance systems. If at any time you are unsure of the components you need or which DVR system, NVR system or cameras are best for your needs, please call us at 1-800-287-2817 or email us at sales@CCTVDynamics.com for recommendations and a free security systems needs analysis.To all of you, from all of us at CCTV Dynamics.

Thank you and Be Safe!

Alex Underwood
Director of Product Development

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